Learn C Programming | C Language Basics

Learn C Programming | C Language Basics


In our previous class, we have learnt about History of C programming Language and few information about Dennis Ritche. Today we will extend our tutorial to like feature of C Language, Why C? Applications of C language, basics of compilers, difference between compilers and interpretators, How to execute a simle C program, basic idea about low level and high level languages and last but not least how to write comments in . So friends lets begin our today’s with features and advantages of C Language. lets start our campaign class 2.

Features of C Programming Language :

C Programming is widely used in Computer Technology, We can say that C Programming is inspiration for development of other languages. We can use C Programming for different purposes. Below are some of the language

1 . Modular Programming

  1. Modular programming is a software design technique that increases the extent to which software is composed of separate parts, called modules
  2. C Program Consist of Different Modules that are integrated together to form complete program

2 . Extensively used in Embedded System(Low Level Features):

  1. C Programming provides low level features that are generally provided by the Lower level languages. C is Closely Related to Lower level Language such as “Assembly Language“.
  2. It is easier to write assembly language codes in C programming.

3 . Portability(In comparision with old languages that came before C Language) :

  1. C Programs are portable i.e they can be run on any Compiler with Little or no Modification
  2. Compiler and Preprocessor make it Possible for C Program to run it on Different PC
Learn C Programming | C Language Basics

4 . Powerfull and Robust

  1. Provides Wide verity of ‘Data Types
  2. Provides Wide verity of ‘Functions’
  3. Provides useful Control & Loop Control Statements

5 . Bitwise  Manipulation

  1. C Programs can be manipulated using bits. We can perform different operations at bit level. We can manage memry representation at bit level. [Eg. We can use Structure to manage Memory at Bit Level]
  2. It provides wide verity of bit manipulation Operators. We have bitwise operators to manage Data at bit level.

6 . High Level Features :

  1. It is more User friendly as compare to Previous languages. Previous languages such as BCPL,Pascal and other programming languages never provide such great features to manage data.
  2. Previous languages have there pros and cons but C Programming collected all useful features of previous languages thus C become more effective language.

7 . Efficient Use of Memory Locations

  1. Pointers has direct access to memory.
  2. C Supports efficient use of pointer .


Applications Of C Programming

C Programming is best known programming language. C Programming is near to machine as well as human so it is called as Middle level Programming Language. C Programming can be used to do verity of tasks such as networking related,OS related.

Application of C Programming are listed below :

  1. C language is used for creating computer applications 
  2. Used in writing Embedded softwares(almost all
  3. Firmware for various electronics, industrial and communications products which use micro-controllers.
  4. It is also used in developing verification software, test code, simulators etc. for various applications and hardware products.
  5. For Creating Compiles of different Languages which can take input from other language and convert it into lower level machine dependent language.
  6. C is used to implement different Operating System Operations.
  7. For your surprise, UNIX kernel is completely developed in C Language.

That’s all for today, we will continue C basics class tomorrow, so wait till that time. If you have any queries or doubts please ask in form of  comments. Have Happy C programming Learning. Have Fun!